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It is always difficult for parents to find a nice balance at daycare. Parents want their child to be safe and happy within a structured environment, yet free to be creative and carefree. Gayle manages to achieve this balance with ease, something I attribute to her many years of job experience and education. She also seems to love her job! Gayle continues to educate herself by attending workshops and conferences, which helps to bring to her daycare modern techniques, crafts and knowledge. She offers wonderful learning experiences for the children, including "Fun Family Phonics" once they reach the preschool age. She is full of energy and loves life and is always looking for a new experience for the children. I fondly remember the days when I walked in to hear her playing the piano with all the kids dancing around her... or that Halloween day when I walked in to see Gayle transformed into a cackling old witch with orange stockings and a crooked hat while the kids laughed. I can honestly say that whenever anyone calls me as a reference for Gayle's daycare I can't think of one negative thing to say about our experiences there. I recommend Creative Kids Daycare wholeheartedly.

~Donna Denny


We were impressed from day one. Gayle has a way with children that we feel is unparalleled in her field. Her knowledge of child development and her genuine concern for the well being and progress of our daughters is priceless to us. We still consider her a great resource and wouldn't hesitate to call her with any questions or concerns we have. Our kids looked forward to going to Gayle's each day and in fact they still find learning fun thanks to Gayle. We would recommend Creative Kids Family Day Care to anyone looking for Child Care in the Walnut Grove area and beyond.

~Gaylene & Michael Thoeny


Being a first time mother, there is a lot of guilt and apprehension in leaving your child with a stranger. With Gayle, those feelings have disappeared, because I know that my daughter will be taken care of. Gayle offers a nice, clean, safe and extremely fun environment for children. Gayle loves her job and it shows. My daughter is happy, and so am I!

~Lori Cox


My daughter has attended Creative Kids Day Care for the last 8 months. She is very comfortable with Gayle and is having a great time. I find that there is a perfect balance between structured play/activities and free play.

I also feel that my daughter has benefitted greatly from the Early Childhood Development that Gayle offers. I often get comments from other parents that my child seems very advanced for her age (19 months) and contribute this to Gayle's active pursuit of teaching excellence.

As an added bonus, I feel the fieldtrips that she plans for the children are well thought out and planned, as well as being fun and educational. As a parent I feel confident knowing that Gayle is fully qualified in all areas including First Aid.


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