Creative Kids Family Daycare

Biography of Gayle Ashwell

I am a Licensed Early Childhood Educator and have been practicing Child Care for over 25 years. I have worked in Pre-School, Group Day Care, Out-of-School Care and Family Day Care.

I have been running Creative Kids Family Day Care for the past 14 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. My facility is fully air conditioned, bright and open with lots of room for the children to play and learn.

Certifications and Qualifications

  • Early Childhood Educator (ECE)
  • Food Safe Level 1
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Emergency First Aid
  • CPR

Notable Workshops and Speakers

  • Children The Heart of the Matter Conference
  • Langley College - Priorities Early Childhood Conference
  • Speakers: Barbara Coloroso, Dr. Gabor Mate, Michelle Borba, Gary Anaka, Tazmin Manji, Barabara Karmazyn

Continuing Education

On a ongoing basis I attend workshops and courses to update and upgrade my knowledge in the Child Care field. I find many of the presentations by Health Care Professional fascinating and take great pride in offering the best skills and resources available to parents when it comes to your children.


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